Kimchi Socks The Business?

Kimchi Socks taking care of your gift giving needs.

The Kimchi Socks team want to wish you a Happy New Year and welcome to the first blog post of 2016. Our goal for 2016 is to post at least one new blog post a week. Each post that we release, will be focused on giving you valuable insight on our company and how Kimchi Socks can help you. I officially started this business in August 2015 but Kimchi Socks, the idea, was created in December 2013 at Housetay Guesthouse in the Hongdae University area in Seoul. I took a week holiday and paid $100 for a bottom bunkbed for seven days during the week of Christmas. I was away from family and friends this whole week. It wasn’t extremely lonely because I did hangout a little with expats and locals who were staying at Housetay. On one of my outings I came across a sock store that was going out of business and he was selling his whole inventory for supper cheap. With the 20,000 won($19) I had on me, I bought some of his stock. Then I ran back to the guesthouse and started brainstorming a website name for my future business. Kimchi Socks came to mind and I bought the domain.

Kimchi Socks came out of a feeling of me being alone during the holidays, cold in my bunkbed, and wishing I received something from my love ones from home, letting me know that I was missed. Something like a pair of socks, I feel is a gift you can give someone and the recipient will feel love. Now, giving someone as a gift a pack of white crew Haynes socks is not nice but I am not talking about those type of socks. I’m talking about socks that can keep someone’s feet warm during the winter. I’m talking about fashionable socks that can help make someone look stylish. I’m talking about cute or funny socks to make someone laugh or smile. These are the type of socks you can send from Kimchi Socks(Video) and sending someone our socks can trigger a positive emotion and/or memory in them. They will remember the kind act you done for them.

Leaving a positive mark on someone in a personal or business relationship is important. Sure, you can send a text or Facebook message to someone to show you care, because you are not near. However, text is cold and that’s why we have emoticons now to help take away the cold from our digital messages. But Kimchi Socks, was created to bring warmth and comfort to someone you care about. Kimchi Socks was created out of the cold emotion of being alone. I wanted to start a company that other people who are away from their loves ones or clients can use to still send socks that shows they care and the recipient can feel like they are important.

Kimchi Socks isn’t in the business of selling socks. No, that is not my company’s mission. Kimchi Socks’ mission is to help people build and maintain personal or business relationships when they are not near or have no time. Kimchi Socks is here so all you have to do is go to our website, select a pair of socks, input the recipient’s shipping address, input your message that we hand write for you, input payment, and submit. That is Kimchi Socks business and our goal is to become the number one gift service when flowers and candy isn’t enough.