The Bitcoin Socks Pt. 1

Bitcoin Kimchi Socks Giving Gift Giving Power to the People

Bitcoin is about giving the power of banking to the people around the world. It’s a technology paired with the Blockchain that together creates a banking system for people of even the poorest of countries who have no banking system. With a simple mobile device and internet connection, these unbanked persons can effectively “be their own bank”.

Similarly, Kimchi Socks is set out to become the leading gifting service for people who are digital nomads, military, professionals, or just people who aren’t geographically located near someone they want to build or maintain a business relationship with. Bitcoin’s reason for being is why I chose to design a Bitcoin theme sock for those who support Bitcoin and/or want to send a pair of socks; because flowers and candy simply isn’t enough.


This will be the first official sock design since the formation of Kimchi Socks LLC in August of 2015, and the first new sock design offered for 2016. Therefore, this project brings me much excitement because I am creating a product for my company that I hope will bring Bitcoin closer to mainstream use this year. As such, I am offering an exciting product to my customers who are new to Bitcoin, as well as to current users. Kimchi Socks currently now accept Bitcoin for payment along with traditional payment methods. We are aiming to have production of the sock done at the beginning of February, and we will begin shipping out socks soon after. For those of you interested in receiving an email update on these Bitcoin socks so you can order ASAP, please join our Bitcoin Kimchi Sock email list here.


That is all I have for you this week; once again, I thank you for following my sock company that is growing and building each day. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube so you can be part of our community. Kimchi Socks is also interested in growing our team. If you feel you have what it takes to help build Kimchi Socks LLC, please send me a message via our contact section.