The Bitcoin Socks Pt. 2




The Bitcoin Sock…Kimchi Socks’ first design for 2016.

Hello everyone…This is Jason, Founder and Owner of Kimchi Socks LLC. I am writing you this quick update on the Bitcoin Sock design project. The first samples are back from the manufacture and I wanted to show you all. The black design in this picture came out well but the white design will need a few changes until it’s right. The final product will be able to fit a foot up to a US size 13 and yes, you can purchase with Bitcoin.





I been getting asked why I am designing a sock around Bitcoin. Well, if you believe in something you should support it and help it grow. Yes, the news is talking about Bitcoin is dead and other people with influence are bashing Bitcoin too. However, anything new and that poses a threat will get some negativity it’s way. All that means is Bitcoin must be doing something right…Wait a minute…The Bitcoin Community is doing something right. Therefore, Kimchi Socks’ Bitcoin socks will be a way for supporters of the community to represent the coming of a new age. If you want to be part of this project and show support for the Bitcoin Sock, please share this post. Another thing you can do is sign up for the email list below for updates. Below is a video I made with the founders of the Bitcoin Center Korea and here is the link to part one of Bitcoin Socks.