What Is Black Power To Me?


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Do not mistake the term I use “Black Power” for anything negative, please. I assure you that my intentions are good.


I am a Black man that has accomplished quite a few things in my 28 years of life. I served seven plus years for a company, been to eight countries, earned an Associates Degree, lead men, lead women, contributed to different communities in need, and I inspired others around the world. Little of the influence I have gained has touched the community that raised me. This is something that stays in my mind because I see a large amount of Black Power has left the community.


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Now to me Black Power is not to seek out to destroy another group of people out of revenge, but everyone is afforded the right to preserve one’s life. It is not just about being able to buy big fancy homes and fancy cars. Black Power to me means much more than that. To me, it means having the ability to build conscious businesses that can create jobs which in turn reduces the amount of Black People on government-funded social programs to zero. Black Power means that are communities can provide assistance for the homeless that gets them back on their feet. Being able to bring us from a dependent state of mind to an independent mindset by the means of education not controlled by the State. Why I designed the Black Power Sock.

This power is what gives us the ability to put our community crime to a stop, not just with protest and rallies. Instead, we have the financial means to hire sentries to seek out, gather, and cast out the trouble makers who degrade our community image. It means we can provide witness protection so wrongdoers can be prosecuted by the full power of the law. Why I designed the Black Power Sock.

I designed the Black Power Sock to be the wearable symbol of what Black Power can do to improve our community for the good. It is not attended to be a symbol of superiority over another race at all. The only people we should strive to be superior to is our past selves. My business is the vessel that will hold my future Black Power. When I build up enough with creating original sock designs like the Black Power Sock, I will funnel it back into our community.

Thank you for reading this post. If you contributed to my Black Power Sock design, thank you. If you have not already, there is still time. Have a great day.

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