My Work Socks Suck


Are socks the new fashion accessory to complete your message you are saying with your outfit of the day?

As some of you may or may not know, I am working for a company and my work socks suck. They suck because I cannot choose the socks I want to wear. I have to wear my olive green high socks that are required by company regulations. I wish I could have the option to wear a different sock that gives me the ability to express myself. I think one subconscious reason I started a sock company was out of me being restricted to my one option of a sock to wear to work every day.




When I finally open up my first Kimchi Socks office, there will be no shoes in the office policy. We are in the business of selling socks, so we should show our socks off with pride. Socks are one of those things people do not think about, but they are such a simple fashion item that can add a little flavor to your style. What is your favorite pair of socks to wear at work or off? My new favorite pair of socks is the new mustaches and top hats socks we just got in our inventory.

Let us play a game. We want to see what is your favorite pair of socks is. If you have Instagram take a picture of your favorite pair socks, tag us @kimchisocks on your photo. We will repost it on our account to see whom photos get the most likes. The winner will win a three pairs of our socks free. Creativity is encouraged, and it’s okay to have your friends like your photo on our account. Contest starts now and ends on Saturday, 27 February 2016 at 8 am CST.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s cool socks and may the odds be in your favor.