The Memories in a Pair of Unique Socks | Lalo

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My name is Lalo. I’m almost nineteen years old, and I love socks with cool designs. I have about twenty or so pairs of long socks with designs that include watermelons, dogs, zebras, etc.

I love these socks in particular because they remind me of the amazing time I had while I lived in Vermont. The design of the socks has nature, the sunshine, and even a bear! (In my two years of living in Vermont I got to see a bear a few weeks before moving).  In my time there, the beauty of nature always surrounded me. I lived in a cool town and had wonderful friends. But I want to talk about “My Circus Experience.” I was so lucky to be able to take some courses at NECCA (New England Center for Circus Art) where I got to build up my strength, coordination, and trust. I would always make sure I wore tank tops and shorts, so I wouldn’t get too hot while performing. But I would also make sure I had a pair of cool long socks on!

(I don’t really like long socks and shorts as a style, but for the exercise and while performing it’s pretty useful).

I always thought it was an awesome way to keep it fresh every day. It was kind of like a costume sometimes. It also helped me cover my legs so I wouldn’t get rope burns while moving around on a trapeze. Everyday (as long as I’m wearing long pants) I wear a different pair of impressive long socks to set the tone of my day! All of these socks make me feel happy, whimsical, and they all feel like a different part of me.

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