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The Unique Story of Lost Socks | Stoney

By Director Nola | Comments: 7 | August 18, 2016

I’m Stoney and here’s my sock story.

One thing people know about me is that I’m an addict when it comes down to my socks, and those are one thing I do not share. I’ll share my food with someone before I share my socks. None the less a few years ago before I moved to Atlanta I met this girl in Jacksonville Florida who was crazy about my socks and always asked me for a pair. So we started hanging out and she would always ask me for a pair of my socks which she wasn’t getting a pair or for me to buy her a pair of which I’d always forget because I was too busy buying my own. Time went by, and I moved to Atlanta when one weekend I get a call, and it’s her, and she’s telling me she’s coming to Atlanta for the weekend, and we should hang out, so I say cool beans send her my address and what not. She gets there that night she spends the night now I have to work early in the morning so I decide to let her stay until she got ready to leave and my roommates would just lock the door behind her. So after I leave work I come back home, take a shower and change. I go to look in my sock drawer for my favorite pair of socks (purple with yellow polka dots that just looked amazing everybody complimented them), and I can’t find them, so I start tearing my room apart looking for my socks. So I run downstairs, and I’m asking my roommates like which one of yall took my socks I know one of you took my socks and my favorite pair at that. So one of them ask “Which ones the purple ones?” and I’m like yea. My roommate said, “Oh your little girlfriend had those on her feet when she left.” Then, I said, “Why would you just let her leave in my socks?” She replied, “I thought you gave them to her.”

Everyone know I wouldn’t even give my mother those purple socks with the yellow polka dots.

So after hearing that I’m pissed off I’m calling this girl and cursing her out for stealing my socks like what type of person steals your socks. And what’s, even more, crazier is that she comes back later that evening with only one of my socks she lost the other one so now I only have one purple sock with yellow polka dots hoping she would find the other one, she still hasn’t it’s been a whole year.

Long story short, don’t leave a girl in your house while you gone or she’ll steal your favorite purple socks with the yellow polka dots.


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