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Kimchi Socks Cool Design Socks Hustle | Vlog 1

By Director Nola | Comments: 16 | August 29, 2016

Kimchi Socks Cool Design Socks Hustle | Vlog 1

What motivates you to get out and hustle? Why do you get up in the morning? For me, it’s building a sock business that sells cool design socks. I don’t plan on working my 9-5 job forever, so in the meantime, I have to hustle socks on the side until I am able to live off of my socks sells. I took my third job here in 2013, my fourth job here in 2016 and I been here in S. Korea ever since. I’m a foreigner in this land and I embrace the fact that I am in a land of not of my own.

I hope when you watch my video you are inspired and motivated by what I have to say in my video. Show your support by sharing this post and if your feet needs some new socks, click the shop or Kimchi  Box link above.

Kimchi Socks as men gifts.


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