What Your Novelty Sock Design Means


Socks with designs go far beyond the design itself. In fact, it’s a direct reflection of the inner design of the person wearing them. What do yours mean? Let’s find out…



Busy Designs

Intensely patterned, colorful, and hectic designs can mean that you live a busy life. You tend to have a full schedule, and you enjoy staying busy. A little craziness never hurt anyone! It simply means you life a lively and exciting life.


Colorful Designs

Colorful designs imply that you are colorful yourself! You have so many layers to your personality, and your friends and family enjoy peeling back each layer one by one as they get to know you better. You love having a fun time, whether it’s kicking back with some great company, or going on a much-needed adventure.



Simple Designs

Simple designs can let us know that sometimes, we just need a little minimalism in our lives. You enjoy schedules, being timely, and you value responsibility. You like to remember the big things in life—friends, family, love, and happiness. You are also a very neat and orderly personality. Chances are your sock drawer is arranged by pattern, color, size, or all of the above!



Representational Designs

Repping your favorite sports team? Your state? Your country? Your favorite brand? You are so passionate about the team, state, country or brand you’re repping, and you want people to know it! You love spreading the word about your passions, and you love to live life to its fullest. These socks can sometimes be the most unique socks around—way to go!



Patterned Designs

Patterned designs are amazing. Why? Because they’re all of your favorite things….over and over again! For example, we love our “bitcoin” socks because they are patterned with a purpose, and we get to see those bitcoins over and over again!



Word Designs

You love keeping your heart on your sleeve…or in this case, on your socks. You enjoy daily reminders, whether it’s which sock goes on which foot, or a promising quote with each step you take implanted on the bottom of your sock. For you, it’s about the little things in life that all add up to one happy sock-wearer!


Novelty socks can go way beyond the surface. Even if you’re the only who will see your expressive socks each day, you know…and us here at Kimchi Socks know just what your socks mean.


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