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Building A Community For Sock Brands

By Director Nola | September 13, 2016

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Building A Community For Sock Brands


Starting a sock business depends on its community to be loyal and supportive of their brand. When I was starting out my sock company, I was influenced by the sock Instagram account called Sock Club London. At the time they were just focused on building their sock brand’s community.

With the movie, Fight Club as an influence in the start of Sock Club London is what attracted me to their brand. So it wasn’t just their socks because they weren’t even selling socks when they started out. They were talking about other sock brands at first. Their message is what attracted other people and me.

Lesson number one, start a sock business that has an attractive message to a group of individuals. Sock Club London use words and images of the soap bar from the movie Fight Club to attract people who like socks and want to be part of something exclusive. Kimchi Socks first sock that we designed and made was our Black Power socks. We wanted to create a sock for a group of people who believe in the empowerment of the Black Community.

Sock Club London | Kimchi Socks

Getting people to buy socks online on our website isn’t the first impression Kimchi Socks wants to give off. We want to build a relationship with our customers who buy our socks that have a meaning. Investing the time and energy in the construction of a loyal and faithful community takes time. This is done by always providing value to our potential customers every chance we get. One way we are doing this is with the building of Kimchi Socks TV that will soon offer content like interviews of other foreign entrepreneurs here in S. Korea, fashion tips, and more. After we gave so much value to our customers, we want them to feel when they buy our socks; they are undervalued because we gave them so much valuable content in their lives.

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