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How To Pay With Bitcoin?

By Director Nola | September 17, 2016

Bitcoin Payment 6 Steps

The first step to buying with Bitcoin our socks (You can’t purchase our Kimchi Socks Gift Box with Bitcoin yet.) is to add some of our socks into your shopping cart. As our company grow, we will introduce more socks for purchase.

Kimchi Socks Bitcoin Payment

After you picked the socks that you want and added them to your shopping cart for you to use our Bitcoin payment option. Proceed to our checkout page.

Kimchi Socks Bitcoin Payment

Choose Bitcoin as your payment option.

Right now you can choose between Bitcoin and Amazon. If you choose to pay with Bitcoin, you can purchase with your Bitcoin wallet. If you choose to pay with Amazon, you can pay with your Amazon account and you can use Amazon Prime if you have it. We will soon add a 3rd option that will let you just pay with your Debit/Credit card.

Kimchi Socks Bitcoin Payment

After you choose the Bitcoin Payment option, you will be directed to a page where you will input your shipping information. 

Kimchi Socks Bitcoin Payment

After inputting your billing information, it’s time to pay with your digital money. Click “Proceed to Bitpay” and make get directed to the payment page.

5 Things You Can Pay With Bitcoin For Purchase Online

Now it is time to pick the Bitcoin Wallet that you would like to make your payment with and that’s it. Thank you for your time and business.


Founder of Kimchi Socks LLC

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