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In  Ecommerce

What Can You Buy With Bitcoin On The Kimchi Socks Website?

By Director Nola | Comments: 2 | September 19, 2016

Have you ever wonder what you can buy with Bitcoins or who would let you pay with Bitcoin? Well, we at Kimchi Socks believe in the cryptocurrency movement that has begun due to Bitcoin. We designed a sock with the Bitcoin symbol on it. Other than socks, there is a lot of other things that you can buy with Bitcoin. For example, you can purchase a web domain on with Bitcoin. In Itaewon in Seoul, S. Korea you can pay for your co-working space fee in Bitcoin at the Bitcoin Center Korea. Another thing you can do at the Bitcoin Center is pay with Bitcoin for our socks at the center. Also in Itaewon, you can go to a bar called “The Link” and buy your drinks with Bitcoin as well. There is a market called “OpenBazaar” and it’s a market of people selling goods and services for Bitcoin. Therefore, there are things you can buy with Bitcoin.

We accept payment in Bitcoin as an option because we want to provide an option for people who no longer believes in the traditional banking options. Some people don’t have a bank that they have access to; therefore, they depend on Bitcoin to be their way to conduct transactions locally and around the world. Bitcoin as a tool that gives the capability to minor nations is an excellent thing to get behind and support the adoption of such a technology. 





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