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The Path of Starting a Sock Business

By Director Nola | Comments: 25 | September 26, 2016

Are you looking into starting a sock business? Do you have the dream of opening up the sock shop where people are coming knocking down your doors to buy your socks? I will tell you, that starting a sock business or any business will come with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. So before you jump into starting a sock business, are you ready to put in 18 hours work days? Instead of going out to the club, you invest that money into your business. Your biggest expenses will be designing and buying your sock inventory. Before you keep reading, decide now if you are ready for the sock dealer life.


What will your sock brand be? Will you be making socks towards a cause that resonate with people? Are you looking to make socks for sports teams? Look for your market, study your market, engage with your market and design for them. If your market changes, then you have to pivot and don’t be afraid of pivoting in the start of your business. Just as long as the research and numbers justify the pivot, go for it. When Kimchi Socks started out last year, we were trying to sell a sock subscription and got only one customer. Then some people started asking about how can they send socks as gifts.  Then we pivoted and got 18 customers after. 

Kimchi Socks Owner & Foundern_ Jason V. Holmes

Build a system for your sock business so you can automate. Don’t build your sock business in such a way that you are trap working in your business instead of on your business. Use services like Upwork to delegate tasks that don’t require you to be done by someone else at a low price. Then find a third party distribution company who will store, pack, and ship your socks for you once someone buys your socks online. What do these tips do is reduces your business overhead cost, lean out your startup, and it allows you to focus the bulk of your capital to product and marketing.


If you are interested in hearing more and want to do a Google Hangout with me, go to our contact page. Just know you would have to buy a Kimchi Socks Gift Box as payment for the hour talk.


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