Holiday Sock Gift Ideas For Different Occasions

Kimchi Socks Gift Box


Thinking of gift ideas for people can be a time-consuming task. You have to think about who you have to buy gifts. Then figure out what you think they may like as a gift. What is your gift budget for a person or group of individuals? Finally, going to get the items, put them together and deliver them. Did I just describe to you a situation that you been in when it comes to gifts for people? Well, Kimchi Socks is here to help you with sock gift ideas. We have our Kimchi Socks Gift boxes that can fit any occasions you need to be met. That’s right! Socks in a box but not just socks comes in our boxes.

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What comes in our gift boxes? Of course a pair of our Kimchi Socks label socks for both men and women boxes. Now for the men boxes, we put in a bowtie, pocket square, a cool travel bar of soap, a cool little S.outh Korean item and some random fashion accessory.  For women boxes, we put in a scarf, lapel pin, a cool travel bar of soap, and a cool little South Korean item. We can customize boxes for you too and do bulk orders as well for any special occasions you have coming up. You can rest and know that we are going to Seoul to get all the items by hand for your order. We don’t keep items for the gift boxes on in stock because every customer is unique and have different wants. So, we feel we owe it to our clients to ensure we make their box unique for them. These boxes you are giving as a gift are special to your recipient; therefore, we keep that in mind when putting together your box.

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