Types of Novelty Socks for Women



There are so many different types of socks for both men and women. Finding your novelty sock design can sometimes be difficult, as we can become confused which socks pair best with our shoe styles. Here are some ideas:

No show

No show socks are awesome if you’re wearing heels or other shoes that you don’t want socks to peep out. They offer some comfort and come in different shapes and colors. You can’t go wrong with a nude or black sock!

Low cut

Low cut socks are perfect for working out or tucking into booties. I like to have a pair for my booties for all seasons. And as for working out? These are great in terms of comfort and support. Different socks offer different stability and support. You’ll have to do some research on the top recommended brands to figure out with one works best for you and your exercise routine habits.

Knee Socks

I love these, especially for fall and winter! Nothing says cozy like sitting by a warm fire and sipping hot chocolate in some big, comfy socks! These socks come in all different styles. Some have lace at the tops of them. Some are knit. Some are wool. Some are fuzzy and some are plain. There are so many to choose from! These are always my go-to socks during the colder months. And what’s better? They look awesome under some high boots!

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High Socks

These are taller than the low cut but shorter than the knee high. High socks are well-paired with booties or shorter boots during the colder months of the year. They also look great on top of a pair of leggings or jeans. It’s a fall closet staple!

Toe Socks

When I was younger, I loved toe socks. For some reason, I really enjoyed the look and feel of my toes being separated. Toe socks always seem to come in different designs, and I love seeing what different sock companies come up with! Toe socks are definitely expressive socks if you ask me!

Socks are a great form of expressive clothing. No matter how many pairs you have, there’s always another pair out there waiting to be discovered. And so, my fellow women, what is your novelty pair of socks?

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