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@Sockmeplease Favorite Polka-dot Sock Pattern

By Sockmeplease | October 14, 2016

As a socks addict, I love collecting and wearing more and more fancy socks. My mantra? Socks are the key component of an outfit. You’re a huge fan of black suit and can’t put one foot in front of the other without wearing your grandma’s shoes? Well, let’s twist it with banana socks, and you became a stylish queen! The fancier the socks are, the more they deserve to be shown. So why are most people hiding them, be they original or more basic, while they are the icing on your style cake? It doesn’t make sense.

That’s why one day, I decided to dare to wear my blue dot socks with open shoes: socks and shoes mixed were like a fashion accessory bombing! They perfectly rocked with each other, and I confess I was almost moved. Esthetically speaking, my socks were perfectly highlighted and practically speaking, wearing thick socks allowed me to keep on wearing open shoes although the autumn was beginning: the perfect match!

Unfortunately, when I went out to have a drink with friends, people’s eyes suddenly froze my excitement: mocking smiles, dumbstruck eyes… At worst, some people were whispering with sidelong glances looking at my shoes in the subway, and at best people were staring at my socks smiling like it was a joke or a kind of forfeit. Anyway, all the reactions were aimed at my foot like I committed the highest “Fashion faux-pas”.
I was at the peak of the frustration and felt a bit ashamed, and even more when some friends of mine didn’t like the combination that much. I was convinced to be the highlight of style and deep inside of me I was sure it was the best fashion idea I’ve ever had. How people’s reaction could be this point opposite to mine

Paris may be one of the fashion capital of the world, Parisians remain quite shy and even relatively conservative. As for my personal case, the blame is to throw on a French posh cliché which says that wearing socks with open shoes is a typical awful German tourist’s habit. Wearing socks with open shoes means you’re totally out of touch with style. To claim it with my brand new socks and shoes, wearing a neutral outfit to showcase my feet and attract the attention on them seemed also totally absurd to them. Such a strange cultural gap… between a Parisian and others Parisians.

To a Parisian cliché I decided to react in the manner of Parisians, my walk saying “I don’t care, I know I’m right”, my head straight and a light impish smile on my face. This soft rebellion against the Parisian fear of originality sounded like something quite provocative in the public place and it galvanized me. Since this day, I’ve enjoyed mixing more and more open shoes with more and more fancy socks. I don’t pretend changing people’s minds but it really lightens my daily life to make audacious mixes between my beloved fancy socks and my shoes, like a cute and light way of expressing myself with a fresh and colored touch among sad outfits, straight costumes and other annoying conventional fashion.
Whatever people think, whatever people are afraid of, take it easy, smile and let’s dare as much as they don’t!

By a Parisian sock-lover girl @Sockmeplease

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