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The Hipster Guy Fashion Style Guide for Oct 2016

By Mattea | October 19, 2016

Hipster guy fashion is all the rage these days. What trends have you been into lately? Here’s what we’re diggin’.

Meet Evan and Alex. They’re based in Colorado, and they’re sporting some Old Navy and Pac Sun. Nothing beats simple designs with simple accessories. On Evan’s part, he decided to go a little bold on the pants. As for Alex, he’s keeping things fresh by dressing up some joggers.

Then the boys decided to change up their wardrobe. Alex went with a simple striped tee from Old Navy and paired it with a cool pair of shades. Evan went with a comfy pair of joggers and kept things masculine with a slight v neck.

For the third outfit, the brothers kept things dark by opting for black shirts and lighter bottoms. Black tees are essential clothing. Pair them with some bottoms of your choice and you have the perfect, simple outfit.

Meet Nick. He’s keeping things trendy by sporting some ripped black jeans and pairing them with one of our sock designs—the Bitcoin! Then he added a simple dark grey tee, and a wooden watch for some extra edge from your typical men’s accessories. Nick is a great example of current hipster trends for guys.

What do you consider essential clothing when it comes to hipster fashion?
Let us know!

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