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How To Start A Sock Business Franchise With A Little Money? Part 1

By Director Nola | Comments: 2 | November 14, 2016

How To Start A Sock Business?

What if you could buy a turnkey sock business? You would be given marketing and other admin support for a monthly fee at a fraction of the price of hiring a full-time staff to grow your business. I’m talking about a sock franchise package from Kimchi Socks and this is how to start a sock business.

Affordable for College Students, High School Students, and Low-Income People

Kimchi Socks want to launch a sock franchise program that is affordable for low-income, high school students, and college students can purchase. The goal of this is to make available the opportunity for people to open their first small business with little capital needed.

Provide Admin Support for Franchisees

The administrative task of running your business can be time-consuming and when looking to grow your business, your time becomes your most valuable asset. You shouldn’t be working in your business but instead on your business. That’s why Kimchi Socks will provide at a fraction of the cost of hiring your staff support services for website development & support, a 1-888-KIMCHI-0 extension number, a virtual assistant to answer calls for you, bookkeeping support, social media content creation, product photos, and educational material to grow your business. Like I said, we want you to focus on working on building your sock franchise.

Provide to You A Purchasing Catalog

Kimchi Socks HQ will provide to all of our franchisees a catalog with our exclusive sock designs and other sock designers in it for wholesale purchasing. Not only will we have socks but other clothing accessories  like ties, handkerchiefs, scarfs, tie pins, wallets, and more.

Sock Ideas Are Welcome

We are also willing to work with our Kimchi Socks franchisees who have sock design ideas of their own. If you have a sock design that you think will sell in your local area, we will help you produce your design so you can sell them in your territory. But you will have to pay for the production cost.

If we believe you have a design that can be sold across our Kimchi Socks global network, we will cover the cost of producing a larger quantity to sell to a bigger market. To show that we believe this is a partnership, you will get a percentage of the sells of your sock design as well.

Our Kimchi Socks Flagships

Kimchi Socks will be a global brand in the future, and we will need to have the central locations to control regional operations as well. These sock flagships will serve multiple purposes. These flagships will act as a coworking space for our franchisees to work out of. You will be able to use our conference rooms at the location to conduct your business meetings. You can have you business-related mail sent to our flagships. You will be able to see what sock designs local fashion designers have come up with from our local community design contests. You will be able to attend any seminars we have at the locations. We will have a studio for photography and video that you can use so you can create unique content for your business. We will have a lot to offer at our Kimchi Socks Flagships, and everything will be available for you to use as part of your payment for your Kimchi Socks Franchise.

Coming Soon

Unfortunately, this program isn’t up and running yet. Right now we are working on building up our Kimchi Socks Affiliate Program where we offer commission from 10%-15% to our affiliates to sell certain products we offer. If you are interested in that for now, you can contact our Affiliate Manager at for more information.

In the meantime, if you are interested in being kept up to date with the developments of our Kimchi Socks Franchise Program, join our email list via our home page or contact us at the bottom of this page.

Buy Our Socks!


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    February 7, 2017

    Nice details given about ‘Kimchi Socks’. It is a great deal to invest or start a sock business franchise for a low cost. Thanks to the author ‘Director Nola’ for sharing this info with us. It will help lots of people who are about to start a business or looking to invest in a franchise business.

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