Emerging Sock Designs

Sock Designs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s pretty crazy how socks have become a big hit in the fashion industry. No longer undervalued they have steadily become one of the number 1 accessory among men and women! Novelty socks have begun to make a big splash. Before people wouldn’t really give socks much thought. Those who didn’t have novelty socks considered them equivalent to ugly Christmas sweaters. No one really wanted them and no one had a clue what to do with them. But now times have change even for ugly Christmas sweaters. A perfect gift as well!

The Emerging Sock Designs In Men and Women Fashion

From simple stripes and polka dots to funky patterns like sharks, zombies and even Star Wars characters, these socks have everyone raging. Men seem to have a field day with this simple article of clothing. When it comes to socks they feel as if they have more fashionable freedom. It’s their one “simple” way to make a statement without feeling self-conscious about how they look and add an element of surprise. Just look at Milan Men’s spring 2017 Fashion Week. Socks were strutting all up and down that runway.

The Emerging Sock Designs In Men and Women Fashion

Women are even hopping on the sock express train! Tube socks have been hitting the cities lately. Who would have thought tube socks would come back in style? I for one have definitely been rocking them. Tube socks and sneakers help to give you that classy “Girl Next Door” look. Women have also been matching floral, paisley and other different types of printed socks with heels. Can I get a “YAS,” in living our Gossip Girl dream? A trend I personally stand by.

The Emerging Sock Designs In Men and Women Fashion

You can never go wrong with socks and you can never have enough. Socks are an easy way to update your footwear game. When it comes to socks I guess you can say basic is boring.

-Isabel Barreiro

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