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5 Things You Can Pay With Bitcoin For Purchase Online

By Director Nola | November 23, 2016

Some people wonder what you can buy with Bitcoins? You can buy clothing, transportation, food, drinks, entertainment, precious metals, and more. You can even buy our socks with Bitcoin on our website, but we will also list below some more examples of things you can buy with Bitcoin.

5 Things You Can Pay With Bitcoin For Purchase Online

Number one on our list is you can buy a Tesla. You read right; you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin from the car dealer, Luxury Collection , in Finland. Aelexy purchased his Tesla Model S P90D for 140,000 Euro in the form of Bitcoin. You can read his story here. Click here.


Number two You can buy yourself a Bitcoin-themed inspired watch. A company by the name of, Cryptomatic , and they sell luxury timepieces for $888.

5 Things You Can Pay With Bitcoin For Purchase Online

For our number three thing, you can use your Bitcoin for is a utility use. You can use Bitwala’s ¬†platform to pay your bills with your Bitwala user account. Now this is a useful service if you are looking to decrease your dependence on traditional banking services.

Number four thing you can buy with Bitcoin is a tailored made suit from S. Korea for $400 in Bitcoin on the OpenBazzar¬†platform. You can check out the merchant’s store here via this link. Now here is a disclaimer, I’m the dealer that sells tailored made suits for Bitcoin on OpenBazzar.

What can you buy with Bitcoin.

Last but not least, you can buy Kimchi Socks with Bitcoin. We now have a monthly sock subscription service that you pay the price of one pair of socks each month to receive two pairs of socks each month in your mail. Now we don’t have a button setup up to automate the monthly payment of Bitcoin for a sock subscription, but we can send you a recurring payment bill via Bitpay’s platform.

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