Men’s Socks Gift Set – Kimchi Socks Style

Lights are twinkling inside homes across the world. But right now you are putting off buying presents for all your family and friends and you are even stuck about what to get everyone. Right? Well don’t fear! I can give you a helping hand. Tis’ the season for giving– is it not? First things first… write a list of people you want to get a gift for. This way you can write ideas and get organized.


The best kind of gift is one from the heart. Try to think of things your friends and family personally like. Find a gift that is unique to who they are. If they like cooking, you can get them a kitchen utensil set in their favorite color. If they’re a candle-crazy obsessed person, Bath and Body Works has a range of scented candles. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it’s from the heart!

Need a gift for the special man in your life? How about Dad? Dad’s can be troublesome to shop for. Some easy gifts can include the classic “#1 DAD” coffee mug, a tool box or even his favorite jersey. What does he like? What does he need? Think about that and go from there.

Another simple gift is right here on this website. A Kimchi Sock Gift Box Set. What makes the Kimchi Sock Gift Box Set special is that each box has hand-picked items. The gift box includes 3-4 items. After you answer a few questions our team will get to work on putting together a gift box for you. We also can also send the box(s) to whoever you want. Just include their shipping info in the payment form at checkout. Remember: it’s not about receiving it’s about giving!


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-Isabel Barreiro

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