To Be Cold & Cool: A Guide To Hipster Trends For Winter


Before you start this post, you’ll need to play circa 2002 Phoenix music, and maybe light a soy candle or two. Throw on your most slouchy beanie and grab your chai tea, because this is all about how to look like you’re in an indie band this season. The hipster look is one that comes natural, but if you’re looking for a trendy look this winter, Denz and Kimchi Socks has your back!

So, where shall we start? The average hipster will own a fedora or two and a handful of beanies. The two styles of hats are perfect for two reasons. The first reason is that they can be styled in either a dapper hipster style, or your everyday coffee shop loving, scoop tee wearing hipster style. The second reason is that the two can honestly work year-round. I, myself, will rock a Brixton fedora in the summer and in negative twenty-degree weather with a cool denim jacket.


Speaking of denim jackets, don’t they love those things!? The denim jacket is to hipsters as a white crewneck is to a Greaser. It’s a signature! Oversized denim jackets with fur linings have reappeared in the fashion trends from the early 90s lately. Another style of jacket that’s on the menswear radar for hipsters is the iconic moto leather jacket. If you don’t believe us, just check out this photo of menswear bloggers Denny Balmaceda, Issac Miller, Nathan McCallum, and Marcel Floruss.


Okay, so I don’t know if you know but ripped-at-the-knee jeans are IN! Yes, even in winter they are. If you follow any fashion retailers on social media, you know this. We’re in a period of time where edgy is the real trend (which real hipster did before it was mainstream [insert annoyed emoji] ). Another pant style that’s a big deal right now, is the chino pant. The chino is a take on the classic khaki dress pant, but with slimmer fits, more color, and extra style. The chino pant works perfect with a slim fit button down or flannel, or your slouch tee you picked up at Urban Outfitters last week.

Pop Quiz! What shoes are in for the fashion forward hipster? If you answered Converse, or Doc Martens you are correct…for last year. This year the Chelsea boot is a key piece to every guy’s closet right now. The boot has been worn since the Victorian ages, and shown on the Beatles, and now given to you. If you don’t have these, you probably need to run to your local shoe store and pick up a pair along with a pair of monk straps. If you don’t know what monk straps are, here’s a picture for you that shows them paired perfectly with Kimchi Socks!


Can’t wait to see you style your Kimchi Socks this hipster season!


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