Fun Socks-Kimchi Style


Welcome back! Today we will start by talking about different types of socks! Here are some basic things to know.

Fun Socks-Kimchi Style

Let’s start with socks and colors. The foolproof way is to match your socks with your pants, but never an exact match. Always go for a lighter or darker shade to add some depth, and never, ever match your socks to your shoes. You want to stand out. Add color or patterns. I wouldn’t recommend matching your pattern socks to your pants. You want to break up flow of color in your outfit. These rules apply to both male and female.


Let’s move to types of socks. When I say types of socks, I specifically mean length. You have your ankle socks, quarter, crew, mid-calf, calf, knee, and thigh-high. Depending on what you’re wearing will decide your sock length. For instance, wearing a skirt will allow you to wear any length of socks because you’re showing off a bit of leg. For trousers you could wear ankle or even quarter length socks so you will be able to show off some style when you walk or sit.

un Socks-Kimchi Style

Now let’s get to the fun part. Crazy sock ideas. It all starts with funky, weird socks. For instance- pizza socks…AKA socks painted with tiny pizzas. An easy way for men to wear it would be with beige bermudas, a white t-shirt, with some black vans or sneakers. It definitely gives off that Cali vibe. Or another idea for women is to match a simple t-shirt dress with heels and neon colored quarter length socks. Your socks are your focal point. They are what sets you apart from any old plain Jane. Fashion is a way to express yourself. Whether it be with accessories, a bag, or even…socks! Have fun. Be you! 

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