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Socks 101

By isabel_izzy1 | Comments: 8 | January 12, 2017

Hello! Welcome to Socks 101! Today I will be teaching you about one of the current trends and how I style socks. Walking down runways you’ll see women strutting in heels…with socks! A trend that at first I was hesitant about. I mean let’s be real…socks WITH heels! But the Gossip Girl in me is squealing with delight. The great thing with socks is that they can act as a bold accessory. So grab some nude heels and add hot pink ankle socks. Snatch up you’re favorite chunky wedges and toss some palm tree pattern socks! Why not? A easy way to transform your outfit from drab to fab! As for the men? Any outfit with funky socks will catch someone’s eye.

Now for those who don’t really like to make a statement there’s a simple way to ride the sock train. I recently wore a look that involved a burgundy t-shirt dress, denim jacket, and black heeled booties. I grabbed a pair of grey knit socks and rolled them down so that they peeped slightly over the top of my boots. A non-committable way to stay in trend!

The section pertaining to how I style socks is quite simple. I go for the preppy look with a touch of grunge. The majority of the time I will pair a simple shirt, denim distressed shorts or jeans, tube socks (Doesn’t that make you think of elementary school?) and sneakers. I wear tube socks with just about any outfit and a flannel. You’ll never see me without one! Whether it’s dresses, skirts, or jeans I rock them with simple “Dam Daniel” white vans. I keep my sock style very basic. Just an easy way to stand out without trying too hard.


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-Isabel Barreiro

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