10 Essential Pieces For Every Guy

So, we all know that one guy who has everything, right? From the hottest trends, to the best smelling cologne in your local department store, he has it. Today we’re learning about essential pieces every guy needs in his closet and his life in general!

1. The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a very versatile piece that could take your everyday look and make it spectacular. It pairs well with a crew tee and dark denim, giving you the clean streetstyle look.  Another way to execute a good denim jacket look is to pair it with your best dress shirt and tie to give a dapper, yet casual feel.

2. Black Denim

Pick either a white solid tees, plaid button down,  or your best Merino wool sweater and I bet it pairs well with black denim! The black jeans are a essential piece for those days you don’t know what to pair a certain shirt with, or when you want to look like a total bad ass.

3. Watch(es)

A handful of years ago when I was younger, Scott Disick implanted in my mind forever the importance of atleast one good watch in every man’s wardrobe. A good DESIGNER watch can take you a long way. A watch shows that the man is about his business. A couple of brands I love are Daniel Wellington, Fossil, Michael Kors, and Coach. They make time pieces that will have you drowning in compliments.

4. Chelsea Boots

If you don’t find yourself into trends or style watching the latest GQ magazine, this one might not be for you. The chelsea boot is one that’s been around since the Victorian ages. The Beatles wore them, and now Kanye West and Harry Styles wear these dapper footwear. The boot is another versatile one that can look great with your rockstar attire, or your business casual wear. Urban Outfitters and ASOS sells sicks varieties of the boots.

5. Fragrance

Funny story, last New Year’s Eve I was hanging with some friends and us guys were hanging out and a swift of my cologne drifted in one of the guy’s direction. I remember him saying, “That smells good. Do guys still wear cologne?”. What?! Cologne is an absolute must in your life gentlemen. A good fragrance leaves a long lasting good impression on your peers. If you’re looking for some a few of my favorites are Jimmy Choo Man, Mont Blanc Legend, and Whitewater Rush by Bath & Body Works.

6. Sunglasses

You can wear them year round, so obviously you need them. Sunglasses are something that all guys can agree on are cool. From frat dudes, to gym bros, and even Elvis impersonators, we dig the shady eyewear. The most popular style is probably the wayfarer sunglasses. A couple of brands I really enjoy are TOMS (yeah, they make eyewear too), Fossil, and Rayban. Sometimes you can even find a killer pair at J.Crew.

7. Basic Tees

Crews, V’s, and Scoops! All style of tees are a good wardrobe essential. The basic t-shirt is one that is simple piece, that you can do SO much with. I, myself, have a dresser divided into three color sections of black, white, and grey tees in various styles. Gap has the best basic tees in my opinion. Check them out and give your opinion on that!

8. Chinos

9. The Leather Jacket

Throw out the regular relaxed khaki pants. They aren’t in style anymore, I’m sorry. The chino is the twist on the famous semi-dress pants with just a tad slimmer fit. It looks more polished and dapper on. Don’t believe me, just go to any menswear influencer’s social media. You’re welcome.

10. Socks

You need them, simple as that statement. Coordinating socks with a look will possibly give you a good compliment and conversation or two. A GREAT place to buy socks is at Kimchisocks.com. The quality and designs of their merch is better than I imagined. I hope this post helped you figure out some things to get yourself or your loved one(s). Until next time. -Denz

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