How To Style Socks: City Style

We all know there are many ways to style socks. You can dress it down or dress it up. But do you know how to style them in the city?

Where I’m from we are all about bold, funky, socks. Miami is known for it’s fashion taste and we are heavily influenced by the Hispanic culture. Meaning when we go out, we GO out. We like to look good and feel good. Men are typically the ones in Miami that flock to socks. The men of the city are the ones who really like to get dressed and look good. In Miami you always need to look good. You’ll see a lot of people (mainly males) showing off their sock style because it is an easy way to accessorize.

One way men of Miami like to wear their socks is by wearing joggers and rolling up the ends a bit to show off the fabric that’s wrapped around their ankle. They’ll even wear and equally patterned shirt or button up with a similar color scheme to match their socks.

Women of Miami on the other had keep it lowkey when it comes to their sock game. They mainly use it for a preppy athletic look. White tube socks with sneakers is usually the go to look. I would say men are more expressive in their sock style here in the sunny city of Miami. We don’t put as much thought into socks as our male counterparts. But I hope that this year things will change.

Sock style in the city is simple and at times sophisticated. In every city someone is rocking a look on their feet. How they choose to express it is up to them.

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-Isabel Barreiro

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