Fashion Entrepreneurs to Admire

If I’m honest there aren’t too many people or fashion entrepreneurs that inspire me, unless you can consider Pinterest a person. I typically take inspiration from things I watch or I see in a fleeting moment of turning a magazine page. I take a lot of inspiration from the 90’s grunge era while being influenced from the simplicity of Parisian and Asian style.

If we would go by brand names I love the basic schemes and lines that Calvin Klein offers or something less high-end, the freedom and chillness that American Eagle offers.

Two fashionista’s that I do follow and adore are Sophia Chang and Jenn Im. Both have killer style and makeup skills. While Jenn has a more clean prep look I love Sophia offers dark lips and fishnets. I’ve watched these girls grow more on their social media platforms as the years pass. They inspire me to do what I love and rock whatever look I go for.

Growing up I never had a clue about who I was. I would hide underneath oversize clothes, ashamed of my awkwardly tall and lanky body. It took years to find my style and to be proud of it. Now I love testing new ideas and discovering new ways to spice up my wardrobe. I actually look forward to going to stores.

Fashion helps me escape from reality into a realm of flannels, coffee, and boots. I’ve grown a lot because of fashion. I wouldn’t have been able to express myself without it. Now you can catch me rocking ripped jeans with lace tights underneath, thick heel black boots, and a feminine blouse. A mix of prep and rocker. Me. No longer afraid to stand tall. Thanks to women like Sophia and Jenn I love expressing myself.

-Isabel Barreiro

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