Choosing Sock Designs — Here’s How

Polk dots. Stripes. Stars. Bow ties. Patterns. Designs. The great thing about fashion is the endless supply of different styles and designs. The great thing about fashion is being able to combine anything. It’s truly amazing and at times stunning to see the things we can create come to life in our clothes. We can be outrageous, we can be simple. We can be loud, we can be quiet. I won’t sit here and tell you what design to choose. I won’t sit here and tell you, “Mixing stripes with a bow tie pattern is atrocious.” I won’t. Why? Because it’s up to you. It’s up to what you’re feeling, what you think. You have the freedom to express yourself however you want in any design that you want.

So grab a star studded shirt, throw on some polka dotted trousers with some loafers. It’ll still look amazing.

I won’t tell you how to dress, but I can offer advice:

Step 1 in choosing a design is choosing one that you like. Wow, that was mind blowing wasn’t it? Haha, sometimes I make myself laugh.

Anyway moving onto step 2. Once you choose a design the next thing is to simply make sure the color meshes well. If someone ever told you can’t mix patterns they’re lying. You totally can. It’s just a matter on whether the colors blend well together. For instance the outfit I mentioned: black blouse with white stars, white pants with black polka dots and maybe dark plum loafers. Look at you! You just mixed some patterns/colors in the cauldron called your closet. You’re a wizard Harry!

Choose a design. Mix prints. Blend colors. Be confident. Look awesome!

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-Isabel Barreiro

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