Best Places to Buy Socks Online for Women

Socks for women. I’ve discussed quite a big deal about socks and styling them, not once have I really mentioned where I liked to get mine. As a woman we have and endless supply of clothing stores. It never seems to stop growing. Over time we learn are preference and what our bank account likes.

Now typically everyone picks socks from any store because they’re ‘just’ socks. Just grab a pair at Walmart. No big deal. But if you want some funky socks you need to dig around and sometimes splurge. Some places I like to shop at are Target, Spencer’s, and of course KimchiSocks!

I have an actual obsession with Target. It’s a problem that I’ve totally accepted and that my mom more or less supports. I shop for everything and anything at Target. Target, I am declaring my love for you. In their women’s section they have every sock you can imagine. From basics, to lace/frills, to even some pizza pattern socks! The best about it? Price is [just] right. See what I did there?

Now if you want to splurge Spencer’s offers a huge variety of all types of socks you can think of with different lengths. I’m talking from fun prints to anime’s like Sailor Moon! Now they are a bit more pricey, but sometimes you have to splurge on the craziness.

The last place I like to get my socks? KimchiSocks! Duh! They’re made of great quality and feel incredibly soft. My best friend stole my pair and than her boyfriend stole it. What can I say? They’re amazing. If you’re looking for fun designs with great quality definitely check out our socks! They work for men and women and you can even get a gift box set for any occasion!

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-Isabel Barrerio

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