Where I Shop Online and the Perks


When it comes to shopping, there are many forms of the trade. There’s the old catalog purchasing, phone-to-order, in store and even online shopping. Let’s be honest for a second; online shopping is hands-down the Beyoncé of the ways to shop. If you ask why, the reasons are simple. Online shopping has become a huge advantage for retailers and shoppers. According to a study ran by Cisco in 2014, 80 percent of shoppers prefer online over in-store shopping. There is something about lounging on your sofa, and stuffing your face while browsing through those items that were highlighted on sale in the email you received.

As an influencer that’s always on the go, shopping from the comfort of my home or in class is so beneficial, even when I’m only searching for socks! Speaking of, a few places online I have grown to love for their fun socks are: J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, and Kimchi Socks (obviously). The retailers all have interesting features throughout their online stores that separate them from the next retailer, for me. Music, blogs and feeds of people wearing their merchandise are a few of the reasons I tend to start shopping on their sites before I check out others.

First off, J.Crew is one of my top five brands, due to the fact that they follow trends without straying away from their authentic persona. One of the main reasons I believe I’m drawn to their socks are for the minimalism in their patterns and colors. If you have ever read my blog posts for Kimchi Socks or viewed my Instagram feed (@denzalexander) you have probably realized that I’m sucker for minimalistic things! J.Crew tends to incorporate that with bland colors from black, to grey, to white, along with simple patterns. The retailer usually has a great sale, which is a mega perk for cost conscious shoppers like myself. The fact that they incorporate their styles and sales into their blog featuring everyday people (sounds a little like Kimchi) draws me into their company.

If we were to use an analogy to compare me to a store, Urban Outfitters would be the best option. The chain is known for being the go-to place for hipster trends, and even street style pieces. Oh, don’t forget those classis brands they offer as well like Patagonia and New Balance. Since I joined the minimalist club, I’ve peeked Urban’s online shop more than ever! Offering things that fit my lifestyle and social network aesthetic keeps them in my loop of online shopping. I’ve noticed a trend via social media that they have poured themselves into, which is the cool socks paired with high-cuffed jeans and skateboard shoes, like the street style influencers on Instagram do! I think that is sick; so I find myself surfing through their sale sections all the time trying to find similar items. Which, they always have a great sale section that features great up-and-coming brands, kind of like Kimchi! Who knows, maybe one day Kimchi and Urban Outfitters could partner together. ‘Kimchi X UO’ has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

This brings me to my last place I like to shop for socks, which is right here at Kimchi Socks. I believe showing real people and their stories is a great way for a company to succeed and stay on top. I enjoy reading the stories of what inspired the designs on each pair of socks. Plus, I’m all for a good price point, which the company has. The products that Kimchi offers are affordable, comfortable and fun to wear. Another thing I enjoy is the blog that’s presented to shoppers. I look forward to reading what influencers like Mattea and Isabel are saying about trends because it’s important, and nice to hear what real people think! Companies with good products, messages, and people are the ones I love to support, like these three. I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts and opinions. If so, share this post and comments with your peers and us!

-Denzel Alexander

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