Menswear Summer Lookbook

So, we meet once again! I hope you readers are enjoying the warmer weather and all that comes with it. Speaking of warmer weather, why not give a summer style guide for you guys? Summer is the season that you can play with so many different styles, colors and just have fun. So today, I’m giving you guys five of my essential summer items! Let’s get started!

  1. The Oxford Button Down

The Oxford is a classic summer essential that will never fade out of the fashion scene. Associated with the prepster look, the oxford shirt is a thicker button down made to be paired with shorts, and layers. I played with my white oxford with layers that give a Nantucket beach vibe. The best thing about this shirt is that it can transfer over into the next season for fall!


2. Vans’ Sneakers

I knew Vans where a summer essential in 2007 when the rap-group “The Pack”, released a song dedicated to the skateboard shoes. Though they are classified as skateboarding shoes, they look awesome with the preppy, and hipster styles. Pair a low-top van with a sick tanks and board shorts and you’ll look like a Venice Beach god, for sure.


3. Sunglasses

Absolutely nothing can top a look better than a pair of good sunglasses! From clubmasters, to wayfarer, to aviator styles, every guy should have 2-3 pairs than he can switch in-and-out!


4. Light Layers

It’s going to be hot, we know this. At least have a few summer weight layers, to make a good look. This sweater is a merino wool, meaning it’s extra thin. Just in case I happen to get hot, I can take it and tie it around my waist (like in the first photo). Also, a denim jacket is an essential for both men and women, it just works year ‘round!


5. Fedoras.

Okay, I’m a hat guy so I’m going to pitch this 100 percent. Fedoras can make a 6-star-look go to a 10 really fast. I mean just check out guys like Marcel Floruss and Nathan McCallum on Instagram, and tell me you aren’t inspired to grab a few for the beach.

I hope this helped you guys get ready for summer looks and events. If this article inspired your summer looks at all, tag @kimchisocks in your photo on Instagram. See ya!

-Denzel Alexander

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