5 Summer Closet Must Haves

The weather in Colorado is starting to get warmer and look more like summer. I can not contain my excitement. Summer is my favorite season and I want to share my closet must haves.

  1. Of course I need my Kimchi socks. These are some of my favorite socks. They are so comfy and so stylish. They will look perfect with any summer look.

2. Sunglasses are my favorite clothing accessories. I like to look at shops like, Ross or Marshalls, because they are so cheap there. You may not find a cute pair everytime you go, or you may find tons of cute pairs. These ones are so trendy with the rose gold look.

3. Sneakers are my favorite shoes and they are an absolute necessary fashion accessory for any season. These ones are from payless. What makes them great to wear in the summer is the perforations.

4. Even though this product might not be in the closet, it is a necessary product for me. Anastasia Brow Wiz makes any look 10x better. This is my #1 make up product and I recommend it to everyone.

5. Lastly, the clothing piece I need every summer are tee shirts. They are an essential clothing piece that deserves to be in everyone’s closets. They are so comfortable and with the graphic designs you can make a statement. I personally love this cactus one from H&M.

-Mikayla Masanetz

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