Summer Trends–Here’s What To Look For

To quote my favorite movie, ‘When life gets rough, I like to hold on to my dream, of relaxing in the summer sun, just lettin’ off steam.’ If you have no idea where that line is from I’m so sorry, but it’s great. Frozen. Watch it. Love it. Now I don’t typically like relaxing in the sun (being from Miami it’s ALWAYS  hot here) I won’t deny that the thought of what summer is all about doesn’t excite me. To relax at the beach, drink in my hand, and go on vacations.

For these vacations I always like to look good. But there are some new trends that we all should be rocking while we’re sipping our Piña coladas. Remember those stripes I had mentioned for Spring trends? Well they’re back bigger and bolder than ever. Make a statement with bright, bold stripes as you strut down the beach sands.

Another trend is sheer. Now before you start thinking about Kim Kardashian and are worried about showing off that much skin, don’t worry. Sheer can be as opaque as you want it to be in any form and style that YOU ARE comfortable with.

If sheer shocked or scared you, I’m going to need you to take a deep breath for the next one. This trend is something I’ve always disliked since I was a child. Now? Well I won’t lie that it’s beginning to grow on me. Want to know the trend? I bet you’re dying to know now. Hint: 80’s….answer? Shoulder pads are back baby! Now I know for sure everything comes back in style!

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-Isabel Barriero

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