The Power of Expressional Clothing

Clothing. Plural of clothes. What you wear. Expression. The process of making known one’s thoughts or feelings.

That is the definition of expression. How you choose to express yourself is up to you. Some do it through music, art, cooking, and of course – fashion.

In the beginning of our fashion journey we are like babies – lost, confused, looking at others for help. As we grow up our taste changes, our view changes. We go through many phases until we can settle in our skin. It’s kind of like a snake who sheds it’s skin; we go through many journeys until we discover who we really are.

I, for one, have gone through many phases until I realized who I was. But that doesn’t mean I don’t change. Every day offers a new look, a new opportunity. My clothing is an expression of who I am for that day. Some days I’m dressed in all black with red lipstick, feeling confident and ready to conquer the world. Some days, like today, I would rather look more preppy and girly. My mood depicts my clothes.

When we listen to music we can tell if it’s a sad song by the melody and the words. Funny how fashion does the same. When someone is tired they tend to wear oversized and comfortable clothes. What you wear can influence how you feel at times. When you’re in love with your outfit you stand taller and smile brighter. Crazy?

My clothing expresses someone who loves fashion, a sophisticated woman, or someone stuck in the 90’s grunge. You never know! I’d rather keep them guessing on who I am. After all, we get one life. Why spend that time exploring only one side of yourself?

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-Isabel Barreiro

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