Choosing Sock Designs

Choosing designs. In this particular subject I want to start off by saying this isn’t me telling what to choose or wear. I’m offering suggestions. Because frankly, choosing designs of socks is completely up to you. It’s up to your style and what you’re willing to wear. There are endless amounts of designs as I’ve stated in many articles. Some people are bold and dare to push the envelope. Some are like me where we like to stay near the edge of the water.

Some suggestions I can offer include basic tube socks paired with cargo shorts, a t-shirt, and converse. The ultimate Cali boy look that reminds me of Paul Walker playing Bryan in Fast and The Furious-one of my favorite movies. Or maybe you’re a guy that likes to live on the wild side. Funky socks with ripped jeans rolled up to the ankle. Add a patterned button down, tuck it in, and you’ll win anyone’s heart. Rolled up pants is one way to show off your socks! Or maybe you’re a classy fellow. In a matching suit set no one will notice your polka dotted socks until you sit down. A regal man that has a flair for fashion. Eye candy for most.

As for women, you could dress it down with a simple preppy look. Tube socks paired with any bottom or top will give you a school girl prep look. Not into peppiness? Switch to fishnet stockings and you’re a girl with some edge.

First, pick the design that calls to you. Then choose an outfit that allows you to show off your socks. Finally, walk around confident in knowing you look amazing. What matters is that you like what you chose.

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-Isabel Barreiro

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