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Summer Hipster Fashion – Kimchi Style

By Mattea | June 20, 2017

summer hipster fashion - kimchi style

        Today I’m here to share what hipsters are wearing in 2017. According to Google, the definition of a hipster is, a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream”.

So with that, I decided to get some help from my friend Sarah. I sent her a bunch of pinterest pictures of hipsters and she came up with three stylish hipster outfits for the summer.

summer hipster fashion - kimchi style

When we were looking on Pinterest, we both saw that hipsters today are wearing baggy clothes. So we came up with a striped big t-shirt and some ripped boyfriend jeans. Sarah’s personal expression showed though this outfit. We also had to add in our Geaux Nola Socks.

summer hipster fashion - kimchi style

This outfit is the epitome of hipster fashion. Hipsters wear crop tops, ripped jeans, converse and tons of flannels. Right now the trend is to tie the flannel around your waist. That is exactly what Sarah and I did. This outfit made Sarah feel so confident, because it’s so stylish. Our black power socks added the perfect touch to the outfit.

summer hipster fashion - kimchi style

        Summer fashion is all about shorts and tank tops. Sarah had these super cute grey/green shorts and this grey strappy tank. This outfit is perfect to wear on those hot summer days. Hipsters wear these strappy tanks all the time. They also wear crew socks with some Vans. Our Geaux Nola Socks were a perfect fit for the crew sock fashion.


That’s all for now! Thanks to the stunning sarah for helping me out with this post.

-Mikayla Masanetz

Mikayla on Instagram

Sarah on Instagram 

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