Best Sock Brands For Daily Wear

Every few months I find myself giving fragrance brands like Mont Blanc, Jimmy Choo, and Abercrombie $60 for colognes. The reason why this is a cycle for me is because I found their products reflect what I want and I enjoy them! This is the way I feel we would be with socks. Once you find a few brands of them you like, stick with them.

Growing up, my parents always bought me the classic Hanes and Fruit of the Loom socks, and I always hated them! Unless it’s the winter season and I have wool camp socks, I do not support those thicker based socks! So growing up, I found three brands that I love to shop for my socks. Aeropostale, J.Crew, and Kimchi have the best choices when it comes to socks, in my opinion.

My first job in high school was at Aeropostale, and I found myself adding on additional items at the register to keep up UPT (units per transactions) and ADS (average dollars sales). One thing that was really easy to sell were women’s socks because we ran great sales on them. One day, I forgot to pack socks for practice after work and decided to spend a few bucks on the brand’s women’s white no- shows because they were thinner, and that’s what I like.

Seven years later, I still purchase them for foot coverage when I’m roaming around the house. They’re one of the most comfortable brands I’ve ever owned!

Adulting is a fun and stressful thing. Around 1.5 years  ago, I decided that I needed to have certain socks for different fits and shoes. I was recommended J.Crew’s by a friend and have been shopping there since. They have really cool designs and are exactly what I like. The “footies” that they have for men are great as well due to the fact they stay in place and don’t slip off throughout the day!

Last but not least is our very own Kimchi brand. The socks from this company are 100% quality. I’ve gifted pairs to friends who ended up loving them and wearing them all the time. The comfort and designs of Kimchi balance out perfectly to give you a great product. It also is awesome that the company is ran by genuine and great people, with great messages!

I highly recommend all the brands I listed in this post, and hope you check them out!

Til next time.

– Denz

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