Kimchi Socks Women’s Summer Lookbook / Stay Cool!

Hey ladies! Listen up! I am here to talk to you about the Summer. Now as for me Summer isn’t exactly my favorite season. It’s ridiculous hot, humid, rainy, and I burn like a lobster. But I do love laying on the sand relaxing to the sounds of the ocean waves crashing.

Now for me, dressing for the summer isn’t the hardest thing. The lighter the fabrics, the happier I am, and the further I am away from having a heat stroke. I tend to stick with ripped jeans, loose blouses, tanks, and shorts. I stay away from the fall the colors despite how much I love them and embrace my girlishness for about two months.

Some outfits I just adore and I’ve worn include: a black and white striped blouse, ripped jeans, and wedges. I don’t usually mention makeup, but since it is the summer I highly recommend squeezing sunscreen into your makeup routine. Also, instead of using foundation, which can be a bit heavy, try using a BB or CC cream. You can find some that already have sunscreen in them with different coverages. Try using cream-based eye shadows and blushes so that they last longer against the sun rays.

Another look is something as simple khaki shorts, booties, with once again a blouse. Colors are up to you. My favorite thing to wear in the summer is loose t-shirt dresses. They’re comfortable and loose. Tight clothes in the summer will make you sweat more and you might find it hard to breathe.

Floppy hats and sunglasses can be fashionable and helpful in protecting you from the heat! Those are quick, easy looks for the summer! I hope my tips help all of you stay as cool as cucumber!

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-Isabel Barreiro

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