The Power of Black Power

Perseverance. Strength. Resistance. Unity. Peace. Power. These are a few words that come to mind when I see the black fist, coupled with icon images of the likes of Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised fist at the 1968 Olympics podium to Malcolm X to afro combs (yall kids don’t know about that!) to protesters of the Rodney King beating and the other social injustices that have taken place since. Black people have disproportionately been given the short end of the stick for years but we always seem to push back. The black fist is such an internationally recognized symbol for peaceful protest, you don’t need a “hell no we won’t go” chant to make a statement, just be quiet and raise your fist and the whole world takes notice. It’s also a sign of resistance against the status quo-that you have the audacity to dare to be different. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with showing pride in one’s culture and the achievements therein.

The black power fist means to me unapologetic black pride. It means I love my culture, I respect my culture and I will protect my culture at all costs. It has also become a non verbal acknowledgement to another person of color on some achievement. A symbol of protest. A symbol of pride. A symbol of acknowledgement. A symbol that is pro black. Oh fyi, being pro black doesn’t mean anti >>fill in the blank<<.

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