How To Style Our New Dogecoin Socks

Today I’m here to tell you all about the new Dogecoin socks we have. These socks are super stylish. I personally think they are the coolest socks we carry. With such a bold pattern, sometimes it’s hard to style them. Don’t worry, I have a few ideas that might help. First, let’s start off with a men’s outfit.

This mens outfit is really simple. I chose it to be simple so that all of the attention is on the socks. So start off with a basic logo shirt. Add shorts so that people can actually see the socks. And then finish off with your favorite pair of sneakers. Don’t forget to add the dogecoin socks! Now let’s move on to the women’s outfit.

        Just like the men’s outfit, the women’s outfit is simple as well. Again, you want your outfit to be simple so that everyone can see the amazing dogecoin pattern.

I started off with a distressed tee tied at the ends. This type of shirt is totally in style right now. I added some black jean shorts and some sneakers. With shorts, people will be able to see the dogecoin socks and wonder where you got them. Just remember to say “Oh, I got them from this amazing sock company called Kimchi Socks!


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-Mikayla Masanetz

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