Summer Gift Socks

“It’s summer,” cue Olaf’s voice. How’s everyone summer coming along? Staying hydrated? Going on adventures? Have you been to any summer parties? Stayed over at a friend or family place? Need an idea of what to gift them in thanks? That was a lot of questions. I think you can guess what I’m going to suggest. No? Let me give you a hint. You wear it…on your feet. Please tell me you got it. That’s right, socks! See–that wasn’t so hard.

Here at Kimchi Socks, we have socks for men and women. From classic designs with top hats to tribal print. Socks representing Black Power and New Orleans. And now we have some new designs right here for you! Our Hero design screams summer with its bright colors of red, yellow, and aqua. One of my favorite designs of Kimchi Socks. Be your own hero with some fresh socks in your kicks. Also, right now for a limited time-buy our Dogecoin socks! These have to be another one of my favorites. A soft blue base with shiba’s! Shiba’s! How cute. They’re on sale until August 19. So hurry up! You can pre-order them here. 

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These socks are a simple stylish as a gift. Another thing you can give your co worker is a Kimchi Socks gift set. We have gift sets for men and women for every occasion. Like literally every occasion. Each gift set is put together personally and filled with awesome goodies for the person you care about. The gift box includes 3-4 items.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what you give. By adding a personal touch whether it be something simple like their favorite color or nickname they’ll appreciate it. As long as the gift is from the heart the person you love will love it!

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-Isabel Barriero

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