Shopping Rules From a Dude

It’s August already?! This year is flying by, and before you know it, it’ll be time for fall festivities and styling. Before you start getting geared up for the next season, let’s talk about key rules when it comes to spending your hard-earned money!

The first rule for myself is to know what you’re looking for exactly. Try to put together color schemes, styles, and/or brands you’re looking to shop. No matter what you’re shopping for, scan multiple retailers that offer what you’re planning on, before you go on a spending spree! It’s easier to make a hand chosen selection of potential purchases, rather than going in and just looking. This will save you time, the stress, and money.

Speaking of money, being cost conscious is an important factor in shopping. Whenever I shop, even if I have a set plan, I head straight to the nearest clearance or sale section to scope out if there’s anything similar to what I was looking for. Most of my purchases come from sale areas and coupons. Yes guys, you can use coupons too. Saving money is important in the adult(ing) lifestyle. So, if there’s a way you can save a few extra bucks, why not?! I highly recommend using Google to search for extra savings to retailers you’re looking to purchase from. You will be glad you did once you see those price drops.

The last shopping tip I have for you is to be brand friendly. We’re a society that loves labeling ourselves and lifestyles, which restricts us from greatness. When it comes to shopping, don’t be afraid to look into retailers that don’t fit your life aesthetic or style. Having an open mind about different brands could possibly help you save money, find a new place to shop, or find the golden ticket you were in search for.

Hopefully I’ve given you good advice on how to alter or better your shopping habits within this post! Til next week.


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