Outfits Ideas for a Summer Interview

I have been feeling the summer heat lately and I’m not liking it one bit. Every time I get into my car I’m dying…literally. My car reads between 91-96 Fahrenheit. It’s hot. And while summer clothes are great, I’m only trying not to have a heat stroke. Before I begin with fashion under the devil sun I want to remind you all to please stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

I’m going to start with men because frankly it’s easy. Guess what gentlemen? Now’s your chance to add some color in your life! Color is your new best friend this summer. So don’t be shy and whatever you do, stop wearing black. But in order to elongate this… how about I give some examples? Nothing looks better on a man than a clean button up with slacks or for a more millennial look try joggers. Instead of a plain button up go for one with color and pattern. You want to look fresh, young, and stylish. First impressions matter, especially with what you wear. You don’t want to wear clothing that is too tight, but breathable.

For women I want to reiterate that last sentence. ‘You don’t want to wear clothing that is too tight, but breathable.’ The sun is glaring down upon you. The last thing you need is clothes suffocating your body. Loose blouses tucked into wide leg slacks is breathable and sophisticated. Wearing light colors will help ease the harshness of the sun’s rays. Skirts and dresses are always my go to for the summer. Khaki is a great color not only for interviews but for the summer season! Remember, there’s always room for fashion in business!

Once again, remember to stay cool this summer. In every sense of the way! Stay hydrated, stay fashionable!

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-Isabel Barreiro

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