The Meaning Behind Our Geaux Nola Socks

August 19th, 2005 is a day that will be remembered as one of the most tragic days in American History. The south felt the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, killing over 1800 people and rendering many more homeless and hopeless. America watched in horror as the tragedy unfolded and equally as horrifying was the slow response of the US Government. In this fast-paced society, if we don’t have constant reminders, it’s usually out of sight and out of mind. I appreciate the Geaux Nola socks, because they not only serve as a reminder to me of that tragic event, but it’s also a conversational piece that would serve as a reminder to others.

Geaux Nola

Black and gold is always a good combination of colors if you’re looking to grab someone’s attention. The black represents that dark period in American History. The interesting piece of the design is the Fleur-De-Lis print all over the sock. Now this makes sense…if you know anything about New Orleans, you know they have a rich French history dating back to 1718. The Fleur-De-Lis symbolism stands for light and resilience which is apropos because of the strength the people of New Orleans showed after the hurricane, despite the tragedy and lack of immediate help, was to be admired and recognized. There were chants of “we will rebuild” and that they did. If the Fleur-De-Lis looks familiar, you may have also seen it on the helmet of the New Orleans Saints.

I like the versatility of these socks. You can truly dress them up or down from your gym wear to an everyday casual outfit to a formal ensemble paying tribute either way to a tragic time in our history.

-Ian Riley

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