Summer Gifting: From Me, To You

It’s the most adventurous and fun time of the year. Summer is here, so bring on the pool parties, the cookouts, and spontaneous hangout sessions with friends. With these events comes gifting for the occasion. So today, I’m going to give you a few gift ideas for the heated portion of the year. Let’s get started!

Portable speakers

This gift will be a quick favorite for the young and adventurous millennial that enjoys living it up through the summer months! I mean just this weekend, I brought mine (that was gifted to me)on the pontoon while we were streaming through the lake. As soon as I connected my speaker to my latest Spotify playlist, the fun became even more fun! I highly recommend this as a gift as a person who received one as a gift as well!

Coffee shop essentials

Okay, you don’t have to like coffee to enjoy gifts from them! Coffee shops are the new hangouts, with tons of social opportunities and cool gift ideas. In today’s time, most coffee shops sell more than just your average bean water with cream and sugar. You can go to these spots to find local items from businesses in your community, apparel, music, and possibly new friends. Try investing in a gift card to a local coffee shop for your loved one!


There’s really no explanation for this one. It’s bright and hot out. Help a friend out. Plus, how can you not when you have cool influencers like these guys and girls making them look so awesome!?

Pictured: @denzalexander, @mattealinae, @francisleebaker4

 Fruit gifts

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than cold, juicy fruit. Fruit bouquets are a really cool gift that you can enjoy with others. What about fruit pops?! Popsicles made from fresh fruit are delicious, and one of a kind! There’s so many creative gifts you can give from this category.

I hope we helped you figure out a few gifts for summer festivities and occasions! Til next time.


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