How To: Style Our Geaux Nola Socks

The Geaux Nola Socks are one of my favorite designs at Kimchi Socks. First, all the socks are soft and breathable. Second, ever since I was little I was always in love with New Orleans. Guess where the symbol comes from? The ever so beautiful and lively New Orleans.

I love wearing these socks the most. The colors are basic and the symbol stands out on its own. Black and yellow. Now when it comes to styling, I tend to stick with denim, blacks, camo print, hunter green, or khaki. Any of those in a combo works really well in making the socks stand out. For instance, ripped jeans, a camo shirt, a denim jacket, with our Geaux Nola socks and some black vans and you’re out the door. You can also toss on a t-shirt dress for a more tomboy look.

Men can either shoot for a casual look or get more dressy with it.

For a casual look I’ll give you two ideas. The first one involves shorts. Now you can go for cargo shorts or jean shorts, or bermudas in dark tones. A  basic shirt or one with a  simple pattern can make it seem like you tried to be a Fashionisto. Another casual looks is switching the bottoms for joggers or jeans. You should wear low riding shoes so that people are able to see the print of the sock. An easy sopistcated way is to throw on a suit or kahki pants with a button up. Make sure your shoes are black.

The Geaux Nola socks are my favorite to style because they involve using my favorite colors. There’s many more ways you can dress them but I hope my tips give you all some ideas.

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-Isabel Barreiro

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