3 Shopping Tips You NEED To Know – Women’s Edition

When you are in a big store, like Macy’s, do you ever get overwhelmed? So overwhelmed that you give up on shopping? Well if this happens to you, I have some tips that might help you out.

Tip number one: Always ask an employee what the sales are that day. Knowing what the sales are can determine what you buy versus what you don’t buy. If you have a shirt that you love that’s on sale versus a shirt you love that’s not on sale, it’s a no brainer that you are going to buy the shirt that is on sale. Sales are awesome because you can save so much money.

Tip number two: Don’t be afraid to ask the employees for help. From personal experience, by working in a retail store, it is always better to ask an employee for help. For example, I work at Payless Shoesource. We have shoes on stacked on the top. Some people will grab a bench and try to reach the shoes and they fall all over the place. This sucks for multiple reasons. The customer made a mess and we have to clean it up. The customer feels bad that they made a huge mess. The customer could have also hit others and that would end up very bad. So, always ask employees for help, that is what they are there for. They get paid to help, so use them.

Tip number three: Always check the clearance rack. A lot of store will have a clearance rack. These racks are full of clothes that are discounted. If you have ever shopped in the clearance rack, you know that it can be very messy and all over the place. But, you can always find something that is super cheap and that you love. It is definitely worth going through all the mess to find a cute item.

Now that you know these tips hopefully shopping can be less stressful next time. Thank you for reading.

-Mikayla Masanetz

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