3 Back To School Outfits

“BTS” outfits are are like puzzles, if you think about it. We search through dozens of coordinating items, to piece together a collection of pieces that fit together. It’s one of the most refreshing things to look in the mirror, and realize how hard you’re going to stunt on others when it’s time to hit your campus. Yes, we’re speaking of BTS (back-to-school) outfits, not ones inspired by the K-Pop boy band (sorry to disappoint you, if so). So today, I’m giving you three inspirations for taking on fashion trends in the hallways!

The S/S button down has become a staple piece for fashion forward men across the nation. The best part about the short sleeved take on the classic button down is how you can transition it from your summer wardrobe, to pairing it with your fall pieces. Pair this shirt with slim fit jeans or chinos, then top it off with light outerwear (bombers, cardigans, etc.) you can remove if needed. This is a look you’ll be able to rock on campus, or even a coffee date!

The classic oxford and khaki toned shorts is always a safe play if you’re in denial about your inner style God. Even though it’s a safe play, it’s a timeless look that gentlemen have been wearing for generations and revamping in different style categories. Pair the two with a cool hat and classic white sneakers for a clean look.

Guys, listen to me. WE ARE THRIVING IN HENLEYS THIS FALL! This famous three buttoned tee has resurfaced and is being worn on guys rocking street styled looks, and even hipster dudes biking around campus. Wearing a Henley one size up, skinny/slim fit jeans and your Chelsea boots will give you a look that says you would have definitely been the “It-Guy” at a Beatles concert back in the day. Keeping it traditional with normal sizing can go so far as pairing it with a blazer and boots for a sophisticated, yet casual look!

I hope we helped you guys get inspired on what to wear when your strolling across school grounds with your headphones in and sunglasses on. Until we meet again, be great!

– Denz

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