Top 3 Spring Sock Designs For 2018


I want to start off by first saying yes, I know the title says spring. Yes, I know summer is going to end which means fall is around the corner. I know my seasons and there order. But I’m just trying to give you a little sneak peek on what to look forward to in the spring. Aren’t I nice? Always looking out for you to look your best. Now I know I said I would give you a sneak peek but while there isn’t much that is being said about socks I can give a little prediction. So as I grab my magic eight ball and whisper to the heavens this is what I believe we will be seeing for spring!

“Psycho-tropical” is an emerging trend for 2017-2018. It’s a mix of tropical prints and patterns combine with the psychedelic movement. Psycho-tropical fashions are defined by vibrant palettes, vivid tropical patterns and prints. You’ll not only see this on socks but on tops and bottoms as well! I mostly excited for this one!

Another is primary colors. I’m talking royal blue, fire truck red, and sunny yellow! These bold colors as socks will go great with shoes that are bright white or black. Stark contrasts will help to brighten your look and make you more fashion forward.

Another trend is floral which I know is typically a trend. But this season watercolor floral is a big thing. Blotchy watermarks soften floral prints creating a more feminine look. This print on socks with chunky white heels it’ll sure turn heads.

These are some of the current trends for spring 2018. I am very excited to try them all out. I hope ya’ll are too. It’s going to be an interesting fashion season but when is fashion not interesting?

-Isabel Barreiro

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