Fall Pattern Mixing

Mixing patterns can be VERY difficult, but if you use the right techniques and knowledge, you will be okay. I hope this post will help you guys with that. When I mix patterns I try not to mix crazy designs and keep it simple. My personal favorite for fall is mixing stripes and plaid. Stripes are my favorite design in the whole world and adding a cute flannel can be perfect for those fall days. I also love the look of two different plaids. Having a blue flannel and then adding a black and white scarf is super cute and comfy. To help me get some more ideas I looked up “fall pattern mixing” on google images and lots of outfits showed up. Here are the results:

These images are from Google, as well as Pinterest. So if you guys want to look more in depth of these outfits, look there. I believe the same patterns can work for men as they do for women. I hope this post has helped you guys get a better understanding of how to mix fall patterns. Now that you guys have some outfit inspiration, go shopping and look stylish with your pattern mixing for fall!!

– Mikayla Masanetz

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